San Tretheway
The Noosa Magician

(since 1984)

Making it Memorable - Magically!

Close-up Adult Magic
Hi, I'm San. I have been performing as a full-time professional sleight of hand artist for almost 40 years in restaurants and nightclubs, at corporate events and weddings. My specialty is sophisticated close-up magic, specifically crafted for adult audiences.

First Class Entertainment

Hugh Jackman, Kylie Minogue, Glenn Robbins, Jimoin, Barry Humphries, Jamie Oliver, Tara Moss, Tina Arena, Danni Minogue, Geoffrey Rush, and Olympia Dukakis all have been amazed by my skills as well as hundreds of thousands of holiday makers and locals in my home town of Noosa Heads, where I have been the Noosa Magician since 1984.

Unique One Hour Show

This career has culminated in the creation of a unique one hour, close-up experience which I am now offering for your amazement and enjoyment.

This is not a stage show. This is not a children's show. This is close contact magic that you will remember for the rest of your life!

What You Will Experience

Together we will create magical illusions using a variety of ordinary objects such as cards, coins, rings, ropes, money, forks, and more. Bending metal with our minds, things appearing and disappearing, and solid objects passing through solid objects - you will experience all of this and more - close up, right before your eyes, and often in your own hands!

Fast Paced

If you like watching magic on TV, you will love the feelings of wonder and amazement that magic - live and in person - evokes!

Due to the interactive nature of this performance, audience numbers will be between two and ten people per show. 17+ only.

Prepare yourself to experience
the magic of San Tretheway
The Noosa Magician!

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The most amazing hour I’ve ever experienced with my clothes on .... A MUST DO!!!

Don't take my word for it, here are some of the 5/5 star reviews from my mind-blown participants!


5 stars

Absolutely loved our time with Sean experiencing close-up magic. His storytelling and sleight-of-hand magic were completely faultless and we talked about so many of the tricks for days following. Could not recommend Sean more. If you are in Noosa, and love or are curious about magic, do not miss out on this awesome experience. Thank you so much Sean for making our trip to Noosa so memorable. Mum and I honestly could not stop talking about your tricks (especially the salt shaker one). We had a great time and would love to see you again in the future. Good luck with moving to private experiences or a new venue. Anywhere would be more than lucky to have you :)


5 stars

Incredible, absolutley spectacular!! From the moment we arrived to Bombetta, we felt very welcomed and comfortable. Sean is a master in his craft, he will wow you over and over, he will make you laugh, he will tell you compelling stories and facts. He will entertain you from start to finish, and you will remember the experience for the rest of your life! I highly reccomend you book this experience for your visit!

Thank you Karmaleena and Matt! It was an honour to meet and entertain two such highly accomplished individuals! BTW, Tell Matt that my reflexes are definitely NOT faster than his, it was just an illusion! :-) - San


5 stars

Booked this as a surprise for my magic loving husband. I loved it, he loved it, it definitely exceeded expectations. Sean is lovely, and makes you feel very comfortable. An hour flew by! Thanks Sean! You definitely turned me into a magic lover. You made us super comfortable and were the topic of conversation all night! In a good way :). Loved the souvenirs. Thanks again, P&P

Thank you, Paige and Paul for allowing me to do the thing I love! Your interactions were so fun! All the best to you both! - San


5 stars

Sean is unbelievably talented and extremely funny! My partner and I had the best time and it was a surprise for my partner and she was not let down! My personal favourite was the magic trick he did when he bent a fork! I held the fork prior to him bending it and after he bent it and I could NOT figure it out!!! Highly recommend! Sean, thank you for putting on a great show! Will certainly be recommending your experience to friends who are holidaying in Noosa in the future. You’re spectacular. Take care, from Dan and Jade

I may have bent the fork, but you BROKE it, with the power of your mind! Thanks to you both for being such great co-magicians. You are a beautiful couple and I wish all the best for you in the future! - San


5 stars

Absolutely brilliant! My husband loves magic so I booked the show for him to enjoy, thinking I would tag along but I had so much fun. Sean was very entertaining and a thoughtful host. Definitely recommend!

Thank you, Marri, for booking me! I also had a lot of fun with you both. Rob was scrutinizing my every move the whole time, which really kept me on my toes! All the best to you both! - San


5 stars 

One of the best experiences i’ve ever had. Thank you Sean for setting up a perfect evening for us! A MUST TRY experience for all ages!

Thank you! You are right, Magic isn't just for children! And thank you for choosing me as part of your birthday gift! - San


5 stars

Sean was all class and a true professional. We had a brilliant time and it was well worth the investment.

Thank you, Fin! You were a fun group to perform for! All the best! - San


5 stars

I’ll admit I was skeptical when I booked this as a date night for my fianc. He’s seen magic up close elsewhere before and loved it but I had never seen such a thing before. My expectations were somewhat high and I’m happy to say that they were far exceeded. It felt like being a kid again - seeing something for the first time and not understanding how it’s happening. It was such a nice touch having the show personalised to just ourselves as well! I don’t normally leave reviews but this show is worthy of one.

Thank you Rachel for a great review! I am honoured to have been your first foray into the world of live close-up magic, and very happy that it was a positive experience! You and Daniel are a beautiful couple - I wish you a magical future! - San


5 stars

Sean's up close magic show was amazing! He has a great and personality and made us laugh constantly. Although we had expected a great show given the reviews it was even better than we had hoped! Entertaining and shocking, we left so excited by the performance and discussed it for hours afterwards. Its true, its unforgettable! Thanks Sean for an awesome evening :)

Thank you, Sarah and James! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your open-heartedness! You two are Magic! - San


5 stars

Amazingly clever, very professional, great at his craft. From 57 years to 18 years our whole family were captivated the entire time. Great vale, would highly recommend Sean’s magic and entertainment

Thank you! I had so much fun with you all, Melinda. I love performing for inteligent and engaged people like your family! All the best for the holidays and a Magical New Year! - San


5 stars

A magical night of laughs, wonder and amazement. I purchased this experience as a gift for my mother who had flown in from Adelaide and it did not disappoint. We had a wonderful evening together, Sean is a master of his craft and will leave you mystified with his magic literally right before your eyes! This is an interactive, at your table experience where you won’t be able to look away for a moment! Sean will captivate and astound you with every trick! We will be back for another magical experience soon!

Thank you, Kim, Aki, and Sue. It was a pleasure spending a magical evening with you all! - San


5 stars

Sean's show is very captivating, an excellent talented presentation. Sean added personal touches to the show to suit our group.
Thanks for fabulous afternoon. We are still trying to work out how you got rid of that pepper grinder through the table. Lol

Thank you, Julie, and everyone! You warned me that you were going to be a "lively" group and you were! What fun! All the best for the Hols and in the New Year! And I loved hearing about your "Card-Shark" Great-Great-Great? Grandfather. What a life he led! - San


5 stars

Absolutely amazing experience, Sean will have your mind blown within 5 minutes of meeting him. One of the best experiences ever. You will walk away scratching your head wondering how he managed to do it all.

Thank you, Dean and Naomi! I'm so glad you are not Triskaidekaphobiacs! You got the lucky 13th review! I really enjoyed your company. Thank you both for being willing to suspend your disbelief and join me in the World of Magic! - San


5 stars

This is hands down the best entertainment I have experienced at a dinner table! I have always appreciated magic but to see it up close like this was an awesome experience. Sean is a master of his craft ... I spent a lot of the show with my jaw on the floor trying not to swear lol. An absolute treat and excellent value for money! If your staying at Noosa, don’t miss the opportunity to see the show. You won’t be disappointed !

 Thanks, Nicky! And thanks again for inviting me to join you and Rob for a drink! It was nice to be able to get to know you both. See you soon! San


5 stars

Sean was amazing! I booked him as a surprise for my son and he didn't disappoint. He left us gobsmacked with his tricks. Such a great experience thanks Sean

Thank you both for being so fun to entertain! - San


5 stars

Sean is a fantastic entertainer. We enjoyed ever moment! Unbelievable value!
Thank you very much Sean. Obviously we loved every minute. Jude was just blown away which made my night. Your skill is fantastic. Please put the price up, you deserve much more than you are asking. We hope to return in the new year with friends. Merry Christmas!

Thank you, Mark! You were both delightful and so much fun to perform for. Jude's reactions were priceless and the very reason I do what I do! I look forward to seeing you again! - San


5 stars

Very amazed by the mind blowing magic and entertainment that Sean provided. Both my husband and I loved it and would recommend to our friends and family. Glad we picked the private session!

Thank you Sean, we had a lovely time! Take care and stay safe from the storms

Your public response: Thank you, Imelda, for choosing me to be a part of your celebration. You were both great! All the very best to you and Marcus! - San


5 stars

I brought my newly proposed to fiance and Sean did not disappoint. He wowed her and me with a lot of magic/tricks. Being up close and personal, you get a greater sense of awe when they are pulled off so well. 100% would recommend to anyone looking for a unique, never forgettable date in Noosa.

Thank you, Nizar, for inviting me to be a part of such a special day! You and Hannah make a beautiful couple and I wish you a magical life together! I hope that your special card will remind you that love is the real magic that will serve you as you build your life together! - San

Mike And Sherry

5 stars

Sean is obviously a genius! His Magic is amazing & we were totally entertained for a whole hour. Its an experience not to be missed! For a start, the restaurant, Bombetta, is a great little downtown Noosa venue. The staff make sure no one is waiting for a drink or water top up, yet never distract you from trying to work out how the hell this man, Sean, does those tricks. Simple looking ones at first, until everyone in our group was gasping with awesomeness. Sean demonstrated lots of amazing magic and shared stories that made us feel like his best friends. Truly an enjoyable, sophisticated and magical experience and we all went home with a gift - how to do one of his tricks - & you know the fork bending trick? Those forks are solid metal! How does he do it? I will definitely be going to another magical experience with Sean in Noosa.

Thank you both for making the evening even more magical! - San

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5 stars

Sean is a very clever prestidigitator! (Look it up.) His sleight of hand is amazing. He kept us entertained for an hour and not only did he make coins, cards etc disappear, he made the hour disappear. I would certainly recommend Sean to entertain your group no matter what the occasion.
Thanks for a great evening, Sean. I will certainly be telling my friends about you and will keep you in mind for future events.

 Hi Marea, It was my pleasure. Thanks to you and David for being such fun and willing assistants! - San


5 stars

I was mystified, bemused and amazed with "the close up magic experience" with Sean. He had me laughing out loud one moment and scratching my head at others. He has a warm, personable approach and magical expertise which set the mood for rest of my evening.

Thank you, Miki for inviting me to be a part of your birthday celebration! - San


5 stars

Sean was amazing! Such a great experience and so happy we found this to do on our little weekend getaway. Highly recommend!


5 stars

We had the pleasure of a very engaging experience with Sean, a master of many crafts, and of conversation. I have seen international acts perform on stage, and the experience with Sean up close brought in a whole dimension more than those, not just from a proximity to the execution to see that it is truly talented beyond comprehension, but being actively involved truly transforms this experience into pure magic. Everything about this experience was delight, intrigue and pure fun - and Sean is so personable that he'd be a welcome guest at your table even without the show. Cannot recommend enough.


5 stars

Great show, very entertaining and proper gentleman. One of a kind experience.

Thank you, Sammy and Grant, It was a pleasure to meet and entertain you. Have a magical holiday in Noosa! - San


5 stars

The most amazing hour I’ve ever experienced with my clothes on .... A MUST DO!!!

Private Feedback: Than you so much Sean. Ally and myself are absolutely Blown away!!! AMAZING!! Also thank you for making our client “Adrian” feel comfortable enough to participate. Take care ... Niki x

Thank you for being such a great first audience for my new show! - San


5 stars

Sean was am absolute hit with all the guests at my 40th - Definitely recommend him if you want to add something special to your next event.


5 stars

Sean the magician is fantastic! Very entertaining, extremely good at slide of hands, card tricks and magic in general. Literally cannot get enough of this guy! Our family have had Sean at multiple events over the years and his acts are always fresh and exciting! If we could give 10 stars we would!!!

Thank you, Kelly! It has been great entertaining your family over the years and I look forward to entertaining your latest addition one day! Congratulations! - San


5 stars

Sean did an amazing, intimate show for my mum, brother and I. His show was incredible and mind blowing, our eyes couldn’t believe it. A magic show that exceeded all expectations. I will definitely be recommending Sean for something different and fun!

Thank you Chelsea, you have a beautiful family! Your mum's reactions were priceless. All the best! San


5 stars

We had a very special start to 80th birthday celebrations when Sean presented his magic show at our home. The show was up close and personal – impossible to fathom his tricks so it must have been magic!

Thank you, Pauline! It was a pleasure entertaining your family once again! - San


5 stars

Sean is the most amazing magician. He entertained my family and friends for my 60th birthday and we were all so impressed. He is also a thoroughly nice person. I can't recommend him enough.

Thank you, Eleanor. It was a fun event and your friends and family were great participants! I hope you enjoy your "birthday card" for years to come! - San


5 stars

World class act. Very professional and a pleasure to be in such magical company
Thank you for some life time memories of a great evening!

Thank you, Don! Always a pleasure entertaining you and Robin! - San


5 stars

Great show thanks for the entertainment.

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